Help with:

Emotional Problems
Self Esteem
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Smoking Cessation
Weight Control
Behavioural Problems
Anger Management
Painful Memories
Exam Performance
Sports Focus
Public Speaking
Goal Setting
Pain Control
Personal Growth

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*(Group hypnosis with friends is one of the most successful ways to achieve permanent weight loss. It is gentle, relaxing and a really enjoyable experience – guaranteed!)

You Are Not a Weight Loss Failure

This is something I insist with everyone. No one is a failure. Being overweight is not a sign of weak-will or inferiority. Most individuals who are overweight are exceptionally capable people. They are self-disciplined, well organised and intensely hard-working. In fact, very often, the reason they are overweight is that they are too busy and work too hard. They will also just have been looking at attempts to loose weight from a 'mind' rather than a 'body' point of view. So what I do is change their perspective and in doing so, motivate them to spend more time on themselves and help them to make simple changes to their eating and activity routines.

Pills and Fad Diets Don't Work!

Diets that promise a quick result are best avoided. You may lose weight at the beginning, but they are quite often difficult to follow in the long term and can cause more weight problems than they solve. Fad diets promise rapid weight loss; suggest that certain foods 'burn fat'; often promote the eating of just one or two foods; have lots of rules about how to eat and sound too good to be true! Don't fall for them. There is only one way to lose weight healthily and by arranging a Weight Loss Party you will receive all the information, encouragement and support to help you develop GREAT eating habits.