What is regression? 

Regression means to “take back in time” and is a technique used in hypnotherapy as a diagnostic aid, to take a client back in their memory timeline, usually to help uncover the source of a psychosomatic problem where the memory is deep rooted and buried and apparently forgotten, but also as a means of discovering a possible ‘past life’– Recreational Regression.

What happens when we regress?
Past Life Regression or Genetic Memory uses hypnosis to take the client back into the memory of a past life experience. There are a number of theories about this, and no one can really agree or claim to hold the exact answer, so it is open to interpretation.
One theory is that in regression, we are going back to a past life incarnation that we had on earth. There is documented evidence of regression into past lives where very accurate details about a person’s life and environment have been recovered, and which checked out to be accurate and real. Another theory is that we regress back into the memory of a past ancestor, after all it has taken 2,000 million people to make you since 1066. Psychologist Carl Jung stated that we all have an unconscious legacy from the past. He speculated that within the unconscious was part of the evolutionary process which held the primordial images (existing since the beginning of time) we had inherited from our ancestral past. This is thought to happen because we inherit Genetic Memories and personality traits through the DNA of our parents, grand parents, great grand parents, and so on going back generation after generation. How else did we know to fear the dark/spiders/snakes?
Another theory is that it is all a product of the subconscious mind, but nonetheless, as far as the subconscious mind is concerned, it is real. Which theory do you believe? And does it really matter?

Therapeutic Benefits

Past Life Regression or Genetic Memory can be very beneficial and therapeutic, no matter what your belief or theory. It can help you to overcome some obstacles that you may have been struggling to find answers to, as your subconscious mind uses the scenarios as a way of dealing with these issues to remove blocks. It can also be fascinating to discover just who you might have been, or where you might have come from. This is called Recreational Regression.
The actual experience of being recreationally regressed into a past life can be very interesting and fun, but you never know what you might find, and what experience you might go back into. Everything, though, is kept safe and calm during the regression in order for you to have a good experience. Each session is taped, so that if something interesting does come up, you might use the information to research and see if the person you regressed to really did live in a time gone by.

Help with:

Emotional Problems
Self Esteem
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Smoking Cessation
Weight Control
Behavioural Problems
Anger Management
Painful Memories
Exam Performance
Sports Focus
Public Speaking
Goal Setting
Pain Control
Personal Growth