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Corporate Work


Many business managers are unaware of the effects that the lack of motivation can (and does) have on their business. It is therefore very important they learn and understand the factors that will determine positive motivation in the workplace.

The size of your business is unimportant: whether you have a hundred employees or just one, each one of them needs some form of motivation. Motivation is largely the responsibility of staff supervisors, however, it is you, the business owner, who must first initiate motivation as an inhouse strategy in order to attain your corporate goals.

Using Hypnotherapy-Plus techniques enables you to change the way employees look at their daily tasks, their colleagues, their pay and their prospects. Combined with the installation of exciting motivational incentives and programmes, the benefits to your business in terms of "pounds-pence" will soon become apparent.

Overload Control:

Overload is a very real threat to people in challenging and stressful jobs. They can feel intense tiredness and disillusionment that will bring with it extreme unhappiness. Overload can quite easily spell the end of an otherwise promising and emotionally rewarding career.

Hypnotherapy-Plus can be especially designed to help your staff avoid the overload and burnout syndrome. It can also help them to recover from burnout where it has already occurred.

Public Speaking:

Public Speaking is natural. We do it all the time - how else would we communicate? What the problem REALLY is, is that more than one person is looking at you and you are, for that moment at least, the centre of attention. This is not a weakness. It's a psychological problem which can be changed around forever.

I bet that you could stand up in front of one hundred people with your eyes closed and tell the complete story of your favourite film or book. No problem! No hesitation! BUT, open your eyes and ooops! There it goes again... the dry throat, the red face, the sweating, the tummy trouble, the shakes, etc, etc. You name it and it can happen to you when you open your eyes. Close them again and off you go once more.

Hypnotherapy-Plus can help you change the wiring in your brain so that you actually look forward to giving those presentations. And that's worth a lot of money to your company!

Corporate Groups from three to thirty can be run economically for all these problems either on your premises or at suitably sited locations. Both half-day and full-day seminars are available with full backup review services provided for the following twelve months. Retainer fees may be accepted for suitable corporate bodies.

Employment Tribunal Work:

Under currrent employment laws employees now have the power to take their employer to an Employment Tribunal should they feel they have suffered a grievance such as wrongful dismissal, excessive pressure, unjustifiable mental stress, etc.

Whilst costing the employee very little financially, some of the awards given against employers have been quite substantial, often many thousands of pounds.

In addition to this financial cost, companies have suffered considerable loss of reputation due to the fact that most Employment Tribunals are held in public and often reported in the media.

In calling upon my services at an early stage, companies are often able to prevent this confrontational situation arising. This has the added effect of not only benefiting the employee but indicating a caring employer and, if caught soon enough, will very likely succeed in diffusing a charged situation to the benefit of both parties.

It cannot be emphasised enough that staff health, moral and job satisfaction all contribute to the success of a business. Ignoring any one of these can cost a company an awful lot more than my fee. Hypnotherapy-Plus has been found to be one of the most effective ways to assist both company and employee.