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"I am achieving my targets thanks to the techniques you have taught me. You have given me my life back." - JD (Jersey)

"I loved Thai food, but always came out in a sweat and a red face whenever I saw a plate or even a photo of Thai food. My doctor gave me your details and after the first session, I noticed a difference and when the second session was over, I went to Thialand and thoroughly enjoyed the food there without any sweating or blushing. Thank you." - PR (Jersey)

"Unbelievable how after the first session, I felt so much better. I've had this problem for 16 years and this is the first time I honestly feel there is hope. Thank you." - RS (Jersey)

Many people contact me because they have anxieties and fears that are causing them great difficulties in their lives.

A number are referred by their consultant, doctor or people who I have previously helped.

A client. no matter what their particular problem, is a person who is entitled to a happy and contented life.

Past problems, habits, traumas should not be allowed to affect the right of any human being to live their life to the full.

What is past should not bind their life now or in the future. Of course, it does, and that is where I try to intervene - by showing them that they DO have a future. That, although they cannot change the past, they CAN change the way they look on the past and learn how to cope with it differently.

I call this technique 'alternative cognition' and by using this, clients can progress quickly to a more contented and fulfilling existence.

Over the past few years, GPs have referred more people to me who are suffering from psychosomatic illnesses - physical disorders in which both emotions and thought patterns are believed to play a central role. Stress and anxiety will often make them worse.

Psychosomatic illnesses are not imaginary and need to be diagnosed and treated early.

Hypnotherapy-Plus specialises in Alternative Cognition - a process based on the principle of 'Don't Pick the Scab'.

This very active approach, together with other techniques such as Relaxed-Awareness and Awake Hypnosis bring rapid and effective stress relief .

Using this combination of therapies with the power of clinical hypnosis reduces the number of visits required and has the added advantage of teaching the body to literally relax on demand.

Click on the YouTube Button to watch a short video from the OSHO Multiversity in India showing some of the benefits of hypnosis and meditation.

Watch this explanatory video by Julia Anderson of the MindOverAll Hypnotherapy Center, Victoria, Canada